Voiceover: Allah says “You do the deeds and I will give the merit”. However, the society infected with the “Azerbaijani syndrome” always expects both the deeds and the merits from above, or from the shadows of the presidents, first secretaries, emperors and akhunds.
It is easy to examine how the Parliamentary Committee for Investigating the Khojaly tragedy operated. As for wealth, the Committee has already completed its work. However, people will not be informed about the results owing to the same secret reasons, as the tragedy itself.
We think they will never be informed because the eyewitnesses of the tragedy are no longer among us, except for Chingiz Fuad oglu Mustafayev. Chingiz, as you know, blamed, blames and will continue to blame.

Chingiz Mustafayev: This program was not aired. They said this program was against soldiers of the national army or the President of the Supreme Council and so on. But there was only one reason. They knew that we would eventually introduce the program to people, no matter how difficult it might be, we had to know the truth.

Voiceover: As Tamerlan Garayev once said, “If he unveiled everything he knew about Khojalу tragedy, even his tongue would be burnt.” However, unlike Garayev, Chingiz’s and his followers’ tongues are not burnt.
As you know, Chingiz took shots of the tragedy twice and there are significant differences between the first and the second shootings.
The first time Chingiz visited the scene, he was the only journalist among others, who visited the place, but his presence had not been planned. Nobody knew he had got on the helicopter. At that time, soldiers had to bring only a few corpses from the scene.
The photographed corpses from Khojaly were much closer to Aghdam. When Chingiz saw the people walking around the corpses, who escaped upon seeing the helicopter, he started to get suspicious. They were not Armenians.
Several questions arise. How did those people get there without helicopter? Why and where were they taking the corpses? And if there was a road, why nobody protected these victims?
The questions were very interesting. And maybe for the same reason, the helicopter that had accidently brought Chingiz to the scene, allegedly forgot him and found it necessary to leave him there.
This (2:03) is Chingiz’s first visit and first shooting. As you can see, the corpses are not mutilated. Here the bodies are just the way they were.
(2:10) This is the second visit organized to demonstrate the journalists from all over the world the atrocities of the Armenians. It was planned to show the conditions the civilians are in, allegedly because of the Armenian bandits.
Chingiz’s camera once again saw everything (2:23).
(2:24) And now, you see this poor man on the photo made for the first time. (2:28).
And this is the photo made for the second time (2:29). But the same poor is scalped here.

Chingiz Mustafayev: I took this photo yesterday in the afternoon, and there was nothing like this!

Voiceover: Who did it in one day? There are many unanswered questions of the kind. But we don't have much time.