Chingiz Mustafayev. On February 28 (1992), when I got there, I asked permission to cross over to the other side and see how the tragedy had happened. I was told that there were bodies only in Khojaly, talks had been held with the Armenians, and the bodies had been exchanged and brought back.
Khojaly residents told me that the corpses were near pig farms, and that there were also people left alive. Khojaly residents went there on foot and hid there. Upon hearing this, I asked them to provide me with a helicopter, a car, or let me go there on foot. They again told me that it was impossible to get there: everyone was massacred; Armenians were keeping the place under fire, and so on.
On February 29, while flying by military helicopter to the same place from the village Umudlu, we flew over that side at my request. I saw with my own eyes that I had already passed through that place. The pig farm was 10 kilometres away from Khojaly. More than 50 bodies were scattered seven hundred meters away from our post near Derebeyi.
The fact that I saw 10 of our citizens walking among the corpses on the shots taken from above is still a mystery causing shiver. Those people in military uniforms were from Aghdam. I have those shots - they are calmly walking among the corpses. I am still told that there were no bodies, no one could get there, as there were Armenians there and so on. However, when we finally got off the helicopter, three of the helicopters immediately returned to Aghdam allegedly "forgetting" us there. Those 10, having walked there on foot, left on foot.
Six of us stayed there and were shooting for 45 minutes. The place was 25 meters away from the road leading to Nakhichevanik. Cars of Armenians passed through the road twice. They noticed us, and we walked back to Aghdam.
I still cannot understand why the corpses 6-7 hundred meters away from our posts, among which 10 our people were freely walking, were not taken away. Corpses had been exchanged and brought back from Khojaly provided there were negotiations.
As you see, allegedly, it was a "trap": the Armenians kill our people. It was not allowed to go there also because the Armenians were killing people there.

Tamerlan Garayev: If this is not revealed ... I have all the facts... All these facts exist ... I asked for the creation of a committee in order to...

Chingiz Mustafayev. They are going to show that they work. However, it seems to me, I am afraid that the committee will be included in the Committee investigating the January tragedy, the helicopter tragedy, and all the tragedies in general, and it will last at least 5-6 years. It is unknown, when it will end. Forces responsible for those tragedies are preparing something new day by day. What do you think about this?

I think none of the Azerbaijan’s national tragedies you mentioned has been revealed...

Tamerlan Gharaev. I don't know ... This one is unlikely to be revealed...