Back in 2009, when the website was being created, the forgeries and jugglings of Azerbaijani propaganda machine were examined in detail. Among them, the fact of using the photo of Albanians killed in Kosovo, widely passed for Khojaly residents killed near Aghdam, was exposed.

Following the exposure, the Azerbaijani side tried to justify itself by saying that it was a mistake as that photo was very much like a photo of "Khojaly," which, by the way, was never displayed anywhere.

However, that did not prevent them from going on, up to this day, with the exploitation of the photo that has nothing to do with either Khojaly residents or Aghdam events.

Thus, website demonstrates photos from an exhibition held in Istanbul on February 18, 2012, where a false photo is displayed again.

Obviously, the aim is not to demonstrate the truth, but to shock the spectators. At any price.