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Azerbaijani's Evidence

Ходжалы. Хроника геноцида

L. Hajiyeva, Azerbaijan Secretary of State
(In the meeting with the Azerbaijan soldiers in 1992, State Secretary of Azerbaijan L. Gajieva made a statement)

“During one hundred days we were firing to town of Stepanakert from different guns, but Armenians didn’t leave their homeland”. Khojaly was stuffed with military equipment, armament and ammunitions. However, besides firings, on this township was also assigned to another more important task: full blocking and demolition of the only airport in Karabakh. Damaging of runway in the autumn of 1991 meant, that the last route, connecting Nagorno Karabakh with the rest of the world, was cut.

Rafik Bey
Azerbaijan MNB High-ranking Officer

Just a couple of months after the tragedy in the interview to reporter E. Abaskulieva he witnesses, that in the report of MNS addressed to Ministry of Defense dated on February 18 was it was stated: “According to the statement of Sargsyan (Serzh) it is planned to occupy Khojaly in the nearest future”. Moreover, Bey also points to one more report of MNS addressed to Ministry of Defense on February 21, “about build-up of forces and arming up of Armenian soldiers with exact number of people in every post in the nearby villages, populated by Armenians, and about weaponry, that they have”. (“Izvestiya”, April 1992)

Elman Mamedov
Mayor of Khojaly

 February 25 at 2030 PM was recived a message, that enemy's tanks and BMP had taken up military position around the town. We informed all about it by portable radio transmitter. (Apropos, I was also telephoning to Aghdam and informed, that Armenian soldier we seized told us about forthcoming attack… No reaction). I asked to send helicopters to evacuate old people, women, and children. However, the help didn’t come.
Town assault started with artillery bombardment, which proceeded for two hours, E. Mamedov goes on. Armenian soldiers shot from tanks, APCs and “Alazan” projectiles. We were blocked from three sides, only Askeran direction was open. Everything was destroyed in Khojalu, and many people died when Armenian infantry attacked. We defended sitting in trenches until 2 am. Defenders and population of the town started to retreat, unable to push back the attacks. We were going to the direction of Ketiyinian Mountain, crossing the river with icy water.
(Khojaly. Genocide Chronicles. Baku 1993, page 16, publishing house Azerneshr, author Elmira Akhundova, editors Sabir Rustamkhanly, Chingiz Aliogly, Fuad Farajev).
«We knew that this corridor purpose was to evacuate civilians…»

Fahmin Hadjyiev
Azerbaijan Internal Security Troops Commander

Heydar Aliyev and his team are guilty in Khojaly tragedy. For that time Heydar Aliyev was the Chairman of Nakhijevan Milli Majlis and was personally sending people from NAR to Aghdam and Khojalu. Those people propagandizing the idea of nonresistance. They inculcated in the minds of inhabitants the idea that the Karabakh issue will not be settled until Heydar Aliyev is in power.
(Weekly analytical review “Monitor”, #86, February 19, 2005)

Salman Abbasov
56-year-old Khojaly inhabitant

- A few days before the tragedy Armenians repeatedly informed us by portable radio transmitter that they are going to seize the town, and demanded us to leave it, - trying to overcome the pain in legs, said Salman Kishi. – Helicopters did not arrive for a long time to Khojaly, and it was equivocal, does anyone think about our destiny, does anyone interested in it.
We practically did not get any help. More than, when it was possible to evacuate from the town old men, women and children, we were dissuaded. We were promised, that soon will be undertaken the attack with the purpose to seize Askeran and Khojaly blockade breakage. We will never live that long…
Why they should have deceived us that way, for what died our children, who is going to be responsible for that?
(Khojaly. Genocide Chronicles. Baku 1993, page 31, publishing house Azerneshr, author Elmira Akhundova, editors Sabir Rustamkhanly, Chingiz Aliogly, Fuad Farajev).

Correspondent «Azadlig» Aghasi
witnessed what happened in Khojaly:

“Khojaly was attacked by Khankendi and Askeran at the night of February 26. In attack with Armenians participated CIS army 366 regiment also. There was no number to dead and wounded.
Population's small part, crossed the river Gar-Gar, and passing through the forests reached the town of Aghdam. About, that Khojaly is going to be attacked, appropriate organizations were informed one week before. Three days before Government of republic frustrated the Khojaly blockade breakage operation, which was planned by self-defense squads together with national army battalions.”
(Khojaly. Genocide Chronicles. Baku 1993, page 13, publishing house Azerneshr, author Elmira Akhundova, editors Sabir Rustamkhanly, Chingiz Aliogly, Fuad Farajev).

Correspondent «Azadlig» Khalig Bahadur
in the February 26 hand over by the telephone from Shushi: “Khojaly – is in fire”

The town was taken fully. The portable radio transmitter intercepted the words of militaries: “Do not destroy women and children. Drive them together to center”.
(Khojaly. Genocide Chronicles. Baku 1993, page 12, publishing house Azerneshr, author Elmira Akhundova, editors Sabir Rustamkhanly, Chingiz Aliogly, Fuad Farajev).

Rustam Hajiyev
Aghdam NFA Board Member

“We were able to help Khojaly people, we had means and possibilities. But the Government wanted to show to people, that they have no power, and to call for help of CIS army, and at the same time to suppress opposition also”.
(“Izvestia”, April 1992).

Yagub Mamedov
Azerbaijan Supreme Soviet Chairman

“In the interview to Azerbaijan television correspondent Yagub Mamedov frankly stated, that he knows well persons responsible for Khojaly tragedy. It wasn't about Armenian side.” (“Ogonyok”, #14-15, 1992)

“How it could ever happen, that Khojaly was in blockade for 4 months, and the Azerbaijan people didn’t give it a hand? Why women and children weren’t evacuated out of the blockade in time? Who deliberately betrayed our mothers, sisters, and our children giving them into the hands of these barbarians? Khojaly victims’ blood will not remain unforgiven…”
("Russkaya misl")


Tamerlan Karaev
Chairman of Military Forces of AR

“Azerbaijan authorities are guilty in this tragedy” – specifically – high-ranking officers”.
(“Mukhalifat” Newspaper 28.04.1992)

“… I appealed to president, to MVD management and asked them to take the necessary measures. Every 2-3 hours I was assured, that helicopters were on the way from Baku and soon will reach the Aghdam”.
(“Zerkalo”, 04.04.1992)

Neymat Panakhly

As was written in “Ogonyok” of April 1992, “Aliev had watched what’s going on from Nakhchivan. And this is Bilik-Dunyasi agency message, which appeared almost one month before. “Meydan Hero”, named by Aliev “National-democratic movement initiator in Azerbaijan” - Neymat Panakhli informed, that “on the Khojaly tragedy eve he appealed to Aliev with request, who was VS AR deputy for that time and Head of Nakhchivan, to do something for that tragedy prevention”.
And the answer was: “Bloodshed would be a great use for us. We should not interfere the course of events.”

A. Yunusov

“The town and its population were deliberately sacrificed to political purpose: do not let NFA coming to power.”
(“Zerkalo”, July 1992)

Ex-President A. Mutalibov

Indicated, that Armenian side let the corridor for evacuating civilians, questioning: “Why they should shoot? Especially on the territory closer to Aghdam, where was enough strengths, so that to get through and help civilians”. “… Attack on Khojaly wasn’t sudden, and that it was planned, was very well known in Baku”. Here was also known about “Askeran Corridor”, which was left by Armenian side for civilians evacuation.
(“Ogonyok”, #14-15, 1992)


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